What is Illuminism?

What is Illuminism

Illuminism is .

Where did Illuminism come from? Is this a new religion? No. Illuminism is actually the oldest religion in the world.


Illuminism is the concentration of wisdom which created the allegorical stories of the known religions. It is the secret wisdom hidden in all faiths of the world.


The dispersion of the original secret wisdom having led to confusion, it was determined by the Chiefs of all these Order to recombine and centralize their activities, even as white light, divided into a prism, may be recomposed.

It embodies the whole of the secret knowledge of all Oriental Orders; and its chiefs are initiates of the highest rank, and recognized as such by all capable of such recognition in every country in the world. In more remote times, the constituent originating assemblies of Illuminism included such men as:


Fohi, Laotze, Siddartha, Krishna, Tahuti, Ankh-f-n-khonsu, Herakles, Orpheus, Vergilius, Catullus, and many more.

As a Science

Illuminism is an applied religious philosophy which aims to help the student to progress towards the fourth and final level of evolution of the consciousness, known as Noesis. Noesis means pure visions and Noetics is the science of reaching that state of pure vision. The actual definition of Noetics is:

The path in which the student will follow to reach Noesis is a very clear and direct one. It has been taught for ages, and concealed within the religions of the world.

Illuminism is the religion of the new age. It is the religion of scientific illuminism. Scientific Illuminism is the process by which we use the method of science with the aim of religion. To elaborate on this statement, we can say that the Illuminist is using the occult sciences, which are complete, esoteric, and true facts, and applying them to the traditions of religions in order to arrive at the desired end result, which is apotheosis. Scientific Illuminism is the explanation of the primary two purposes of man’s life,


  1. To know thyself.
  2. To master oneself, through knowledge, thereby reaching the next stage in the evolution of the consciousness.

Illuminism is meant to be a journey. The ultimate journey of each individual man, woman, and child. It is a journey into the self, and into the mind. Illuminism is the way to evolve one's self into a higher being, a more perfect being. The science of Illuminism is the science of change. It gives man the insight into how to change him or herself into an infinite being.


For so long now, man has been told that he cannot change, that he is a product of his parents, or environment, or situations. Eastern myths have convinced man that they are a product of their past lives. Illuminism shows man how to rise above all these false ideas and reach the highest level of man’s evolution here and now.


You have been told, I am sure, that if you need help, you must seek help outside…from professionals. These “professionals” have never been able to cure man, they have never been able to truly help him progress. Illuminism will show you that the only professional you need for your help, is you. No one, of any profession, can help you, besides yourself. Man has the power within to help himself and evolve himself. The answer lies in the understanding of your mind and its relation to everything around you. Illuminism teaches you the proper understanding and use of human energy.


If the information contained in this book is used correctly, man can and will transcend his lower state. He should never require manufactured medicine. He will be self-sufficient and self-sustaining, and self-healing.


The process of Illuminism has been designed as a map. A map to lead man from his current state of confusion and lack of knowledge to a destiny of clarity and knowledge. This road to Illumination is given to members of the Church of Illuminism. This book will explain the basic concepts of all our teachings. The teaching are given in a sequence in order to ensure that the receiver of such knowledge can benefit from it by being prepared for it from the previous step. Remember, evolution takes place in the consciousness. The body and mind cannot evolve until the spirit is evolved. That is the goal of Illuminism.


When you read this Science of Illuminism, do not worry if you cannot pronounce the names of certain concepts or systems as the original language it came from has been included as well. The goal is to understand the ideology behind the words. To understand the concepts of the teachings of Illuminism.


As you take this giant step in your life, you will be faced with many truths. Truths that may not feel so good to hear, but are essential to you being de-programmed from the ideas that the world has imprinted upon you and the awakening to real knowledge.


Get ready to begin this amazing journey!

As a Religion

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The Church of Illuminism is an organization whose aim is to bring the hidden truth of the power of man into focus. Mankind is capable of so much more than the average person thinks. Man has innate capabilities that need to be unlocked and harnessed. The evolution of man is the primary reason for his existence. Spirituality is evolution. Religions of the world have concealed allegories with certain and definite meanings that will show you the story of your evolution. The Church of Illuminism exists to reveal those truths to you. 

The Religion of Illuminism is the applied philosophical teaching of how a man can progress through the stage of consciousness. Noetics is the science of Noesis, which is the fourth and highest level of consciousness, and means "pure vision". It is the previously rough stone of the mind which has become a polished gem. He sees what is and knows what is. He no longer imagines or believes and his thinking is not limited. Everything he knows is related to an archetypical structure and he can see how all the pieces fit together. He has now become and knows and sees all. He now relies on his refined vision for everything he does. He has reached the apex of evolution.


Illuminism is an applied religious philosophy which means that no progress can be made without the dedicated effort of the student. Illuminism has two branches, both of which lead the same destination. The first is the Church of Illuminism, open to all. The Church of Illuminism teaches you from the very beginning. It shows the way and explains everything as you go along. 

The Church of Illuminism's Ecclesia Gnostica is the branch of the Church which teaches the sacred magick of ancient Egypt. Ecclesia Gnostica is a hierarchical degree system which teaches the highest level of Divine wisdom, called magick. If you are interested in learning magick, please use this form to let us know.


Learn more about Initiation:

Initiation is the preparation for immortality. Man is only potentially immortal. Immortality is acquired when the purely human part of man becomes allied to that spiritual essence which was never created, was never born, and shall never die. It is to effect his spiritual bond with the highest, that the Order of Ancient Illuminists owe all its rituals and practical work.


Initiation means to begin, to start something new. It represents the beginning of a new life dedicated to an entirely different set of principles from those of what Wilhelm Reich once contemptuously termed "homo normalis". With the enormous development of scientific pragmatism, it is conceivable that sometime in the near or distant future, robots or computers will be completely free man from the daily drudgery of common toil. When that occurs, what will the average man do with his leisure time? Despite the claims of various protagonists of the free future of man, I doubt that many will turn their time and energy to the pursuit of the Great Work in any of its forms. Most of them will continue to hunt, fish, travel in recreational vehicles, drink beer, and grow fat, watch television more and more, concentrate on spectator sports, and continue their lives on a thoroughly prosaic and mundane level. If there are excursions into outer space, with a view of setting up colonies outside of the earth, I am far from certain that the same fate will not await them as it did all ventures into utopian communities. There are only a mere handful who can tolerate more than a glancing casual look at other than the superficial aspects of what life presents to them.


For this handful, the Order of Ancient Illuminists presents itself and method as the answer to their innumerable questions. The system itself is timeless. It did not owe its origins to the formation of that particular Order called the Illuminati in earlier times. The greater part of it, in one form or another, has existed for aeons -- actually forever -- not necessarily in the open where it could be attacked by secular and ecclesiastical authorities, but undercover, secretly and safely. Those who were in need of its teaching and work would inevitably be attracted to some one or other of its members, and undergo initiation. This process occurred in the past even as it does today. When the time comes for the inner awakening, as it may be called, all sorts of synchronicities, as Jung might call them, occur which lead them inevitably in the right direction, to the Western Esoteric Tradition.



There are many legends circulation within the occult field that may clarify what is commonly called the Western Esoteric Tradition as being opposed to the so-called Eastern Tradition.


It is held that several centuries ago a group of wise men gathered in the Near East to discuss ways and mean of dissemination the ageless wisdom so that no opposition from vested interests would be encountered, and at the same time evoke recognition from those who had evolved to  a state of psycho-spiritual readiness. After much discussion, it was agreed that they should devise a set of pictures that could be circulated as playing cars. Pictures that would tell a story relative to man, and who he was, as well as where he came from. Pictures that would relate him as a person to the greater world in which he found himself. In a word, the Tarot cards came into being to serve such ends. Originally employed as playing cards for fortune telling, they were carried all over the Near East and Europe by gypsies and other traveling bodies, and eventually permeated all civilized countries in the Western World.


The other legend is to be found in a document circulated early in the 17th century, the Puma Fraternnatitas. It purports to narrate the history of one Christian Rosenkruez, a young man who was educated in one of the monasteries in Germany. He wandered to North Africa and the Near East where he was well received by the wise men resident there. They taught him Alchemy, Astrology, and Qabalah, together with other occult subjects. When he left he had acquired a liberal education in the occult arts which he took with him to Germany, to the monastery from which he originally came. Gradually he conveyed his knowledge to a monk here and there, until there were enough more or less enlightened monks to comprise an organizational body that came to be known as the Rosicrucians.


A great deal of the above is legend. Many modern authorities insist that that is all it is -- a legend. This runs counter to some of the more common pseudo-Rosicrucians orders of today that claim an impossible antecedence for their own group. Be that as it may, the legend itself gives evidence to the belief that there was definite body of occult knowledge in existence which could be and was communicated in an orderly manner.


A third factor that should never be overlooked, but which often is, related to the nature of monasteries in Roman Catholic Europe. These were the primary centers of the learning in an otherwise ignorant world -- the Europe of those dark days. They kept alive the learning of every kind then known, and passed it on faithfully to succeeding generations. We know that many of the faithful studied and practiced both alchemy and astrology. It is also known that the Qabalah of the Hebrews was also studies, even though the motive exoterically seemed to be that it was a valuable tool with which to convert the unhappy Jews to the joys and blessings of Christendom.


There is another most interesting set of circumstances too often glossed over or not well understood. It relates to one of the most crucial and interesting periods of European history. At one time, it must be recalled that the Arabs had invaded Europe and had virtually conquered a part, if not all of Spain. They brought with them not merely a victorious army, but Islamic culture as well. That included not solely mathematics, though it is well to reflect on what this one item did to European knowledge, but in addition the Greek classics and literature, from Aristotle on. Their contribution included alchemy as well, astrology and the other occult arts. Above all it brought Islamic mysticism, Sufiism. It flourished not merely in North Africa but in Spain as well. From there it was carried by one means or another to all parts of Europe and to every center of learning.


Simultaneously, Christian mysticism was flourishing in Spain and Europe, and some great and wonderful people were active spreading mystical knowledge far and wide. It was a period of rejuvenation and spiritual growth for Spain and for the Church as a whole.


It is well to remember that in Spain at that time, therefore, there was a favorable climate for the emergence and blossoming of Islamic, Christian, and Jewish mysticism which has never since been surpassed, if not equaled. Each religious mysticism cross fertilized the other in a magnificent manner.


All of these trends, and they were powerful each in its own specific way, contributed to a body of esoteric knowledge and experience that was particularly Western. It may have had numberless resemblances to the traditions extant in the East, but they also had their own individual differences that characterized it as a system wholly apart from its Eastern counterpart. It is this that today we call the Western esoteric tradition. It has reared its head in different times and places and in different ways. On many occasions it may have been wiped out and disappeared from the face of the earth. But always it seemed to reappear revivified by its absence, spreading wider and wider, influencing more and more people, leavening always the institutions most hostile to its continued existence.


From time to time, organizations were formed here and there as means of perpetuating the hidden Hermetic knowledge. The Order of Ancient Illuminists is another of these Orders which sprang up, using the wisdom of prior ages, in order to initiate mankind into a higher level of psycho-spiritual functioning.


Parallel to all of this, there is a concurrent "legend" of statement that there is a hidden Order, whether on the inner spiritual planes of here on the mundane level where most of us live, of Adepts, and enlightened beings who watch over mankind and its travails. They seek to further the evolution of mankind without interfering with the apparent free choice of human beings to determine their own destiny either towards personal destruction or the attainment of communion with God. From time to time, it is said, these beings permit or direct the appearance of an external organization such as we have previously described. It is also believed that periodically, either towards the end of a century or in some historical crisis, one of them make a public appearance in one guise or another in order not merely to ward off wholesale disaster but to guide some few or many in a new creative direction.


They also are the embodiment of the Western Esoteric Traditions, and rather than an external organization, are the custodians of its teachings.

Church Ministries

  • Right Human Relations
  • Goodwill
  • Food Distribution

If we are to help transform the condition of human life and consciousness, it is essential that more thought be given to the deeper spiritual significances of this aim.

The great keynote of freedom which signifies our modern era has been embodied in revolution, the rejection of orthodoxy and the urge for change, experiment and for direct experience, but above all in humanity’s struggle for human rights. As we move from an age of authority to one of experience, people seek for others what they demand for themselves – the right to freedom of thought, speech and worship, and the right to those conditions of life that will permit full expression to the dignity, equality and brotherhood of all humanity.

Thus, the great historical declarations from Magna Carta on, including the declarations of the American and French revolutions, the Declaration of the Rights of the Toiling and Exploited Peoples adopted in Russia in 1918, the Atlantic Charter, the Four Freedoms, culminating in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, are signposts in the recognition of the individual person’s own essential humanity and concern for others.

The fact that these great statements of intent have taken such a hold on human consciousness demonstrates their essential spiritual potency and divine origins. They have given humanity purpose and direction and an ideal at which to aim. They are the equivalents along the line of government and the social structure of the great pronouncements of the world teachers and religious leaders, such as the last sermon of the Buddha, the Sermon on the Mount, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes and the Eight Means to Yoga, or Union with the Soul.


It has been said that standing behind the trinity of light, love and will which represents the highest conception of divinity of which humanity is capable, there lies another greater principle. This is the principle of liberation, of which humanity’s demand for freedom is a faint and most inadequate reflection, but nevertheless to which it is a clear and definite response. All life seeks liberation. Our modern struggle for human rights is a response to the direction of life itself, and this is its essential meaning. However imperfect the expression and however crude the attempt, the search for “human rights in larger freedom” is, in the last analysis, one of the most profound spiritual impulses in all human history.

Yet human rights do not exist in a vacuum. They must find expression in a complex and worldwide network of human relationships. A declaration may establish the goal and act as a magnet for thought. The law may compel a certain observance and restrict, limit and punish the grosser forms of abuse. But no law or declaration can, on its own, change human thinking, eliminate blind prejudice and self-interest, or create that atmosphere of brotherhood and goodwill in which the full expression of human rights can be achieved. One can no more legislate the removal of prejudice and the denial of human equality than one can create abundance with a stroke of the pen. The observance of human rights depends on the establishing of right human relations. And right human relations are based on tolerance, understanding and goodwill; on a sense of responsibility for the welfare of all; and on a willingness to accept, indeed welcome, the immense diversity of humankind, and to love the freedom which enables that diversity to flourish within the unity of the greater whole.


If the expression of human rights depends on the establishing of right human relations, right human relations can only be established by the development of a more inclusive consciousness. St. Paul said, “Be ye therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The transformation of human life on this “planet of pain” can only be achieved by the transformation of human consciousness.

Today, this transformation of humanity is under way. The outline of a planetary synthesis, based on a worldwide interdependence, has emerged. But critical, desperate problems face the human family. Human rights, though enshrined in many national constitutions, are far from being adequately established or observed. Attitudes of prejudice, greed, fear and suspicion poison relations between individuals, groups and nations.

In 1988, marking the fortieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the General Assembly unanimously launched a World Public Information Campaign for Human Rights. This campaign called for the creation of a universal culture of human rights that will permeate societies all over the world. The campaign has provided an opportunity for renewed and conscious effort to educate the public in right human relations and in society’s collective duties and responsibilities to one another. Also, it has helped focus attention on those grave and worldwide problems which still stand in the way of a new world order based on right human relations and the rights of all humanity. A further landmark in the promotion of such a universal culture was reached when the General Assembly adopted a resolution to convene a World Conference on Human Rights, which took place in Vienna in 1993.

Perhaps the most disturbing trend and gravest problem facing humanity at this moment is the growth of extremism. Our worldwide problems of race relations, poverty, ecological imbalance, war, and disarmament, and our failure as yet on a world scale to provide even a minimum education for the vast mass of the world’s children, have combined to create massive frustration. The downtrodden and dispossessed, fired by the vision of freedom and human rights, can wait no more. Those who would change the current state of affairs and work for right human relations are likewise frustrated both by the enormity of the world’s problems and the all too widespread inertia of those men and women of goodwill who could help so much but who choose to remain silent — immersed in petty problems and personal affairs.

Much of this extremism is understandable. It is a last resort reaction to the perpetuation of intolerable conditions. It can also stir the lethargic to constructive action, and there is evidence that the extremity of human crisis is doing just this. But it is also a tragically double-edged weapon, feeding hatred and violence, deepening old cleavages, creating new ones and destroying the already tenuous fabric of relationships that have been built across areas of conflict.

Extremism today could get out of hand and, totally disrupting society, destroy not only the present evils it seeks to obliterate but the new society which its exponents seek to create. The issues are finely balanced. The men and women of goodwill are urged to take immediate and effective right action.


The human race is therefore faced with a number of decisive issues:

First: the question of freedom and human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights embodies many of the principles on which the new age must be built and which must be anchored in human consciousness before it can manifest.

Second: the need for right human relations, which can only be established through the generation and worldwide distribution of the energy of goodwill.

Third: the need to tackle those world problems that stand in the way of human progress. Unless humanity understands the true nature of these problems they will never be solved, and this understanding calls for a continuing educational campaign.

These are tasks in which all can share. And while no one can tell another how he or she should serve, it is essential to point out that the need today is for dedicated servers in every field of human activity who will cooperate with the divine Plan as it seeks to work out in world affairs.

Goodwill is one of the most basic spiritual qualities of the human being and the great untapped resource at the heart of every human community.

People of goodwill are those who think and act with a measure of loving understanding and of concern for the well-being of all. The energy of goodwill is potentially a powerful force for social change – yet its power remains largely unrecognized and underutilized. World Goodwill fosters understanding of this energy and the role it is playing in the development of a new humanity.

It is the thoughtful, planned action of networks of goodwill that is driving the response to all the problems of our age: from poverty, poisoned race relations and environmental destruction through to sentimental spirituality, despair in thinking about the future, and the crises of materialism and selfishness. People of goodwill from all cultures, faiths and professions are creating, through their words and actions, a new world where sharing, cooperation and right relations are taking root and spreading. Never before in the history of the planet has goodwill been so active.

The diversity and variety of initiatives means that the people of goodwill can never be organized into one unitary movement or network. Every community has its people of goodwill. It is goodness and love, in their most basic human expressions, that are driving the momentum of change, challenging all of the habits of separative thinking and action. Recognition of the sheer abundance of goodwill action as it exists today and the countless movements drawing on the energy of goodwill changes the way we see what is happening in the world. It is empowering and it gives us grounds upon which hope and faith in the future can grow. Truly, goodwill has the potential to become the keynote of a new civilization of wholeness.

To bring in the new day and the human well-being which is our spiritual birth-right, we need a deeper sense of reality based on spiritual values, and a new perception of humanity as a unit of divine life within an ordered and purposive universe. The following six recognitions can provide a basis for this deeper understanding:

1          Humanity is not following a haphazard or uncharted course – there is a Plan. This Plan has always existed and is part of the greater design of the Cosmos. The Plan has worked out through the evolutionary developments of the past, and because of the special impetus given it from time to time by the great leaders, teachers and intuitives of the human race. This leads to the second key recognition.

2          There exists an inner spiritual governance of the world led by enlightened beings whose ideas inspire all forward-thinking evolutionary progress in human consciousness. They are known under such different names as the spiritual Hierarchy, or the society of Illumined Minds, according to various spiritual traditions. Humanity is never left without spiritual guidance or direction under the Plan.

3          There is a widespread expectation that we approach the “Age of Maitreya”, as it is known in the East, when the World Teacher and present head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the Christ, will reappear among humanity to sound the keynote of a new age.

4          There are millions of mentally alert people in all parts of the world who are in touch, either subconsciously or consciously, with the Plan, and work to give it expression. In them, the consciousness of humanity as one interdependent unit is alive and active. They regard the many differing national, religious and social systems in which they serve as modes of expanding human consciousness and ways by which humanity learns needed lessons. Through their living example, they give humanity a new and better vision of what life should be.

5          The heart of humanity is sound. Our era is notable for the growth of goodwill and altruistic endeavour. All the crises, wars and catastrophes of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have been unable to crush the human spirit.

6          The Plan for humanity is based on the principles of sharing, co-operation, practical brotherhood, right relationships between all people and between nations, and goodwill in action.

These recognitions give a new perspective on spiritual reality and place our present crises in a wider context. They provide opportunity for co-operation with the spiritual evolution of humanity and increase our capacity for freedom.

There is no group so likely to ensure that humanity achieves this most difficult goal as people of goodwill. Provided they can overcome inertia, they are in a key position, requiring only courage to express goodwill, and to initiate action to prepare for a new global civilisation.


In promoting recognition of the power of goodwill in our time, World Goodwill has three primary objectives:

To help mobilize the energy of goodwill through education, and through subtle action with programs that draw on the power of thought. At the heart of every human being there is a reservoir of goodwill accompanied by deeper warrior-like qualities: the will to good and the will to love.

To foster a universal spiritual perspective on the future, centered on the idea that all faiths throughout history have anticipated an age of peace and justice, ushered in by a World Teacher Who embodies divine principles. The rising tide of goodwill in the world today is a sign that the appearance of such a teacher, expected by different traditions under such names as the Christ, the Kalki Avatar, the Bodhisattva, Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, and the Messiah, is now imminent.

To study the causes of major world problems in such a way as to reveal universal principles, spiritual practices and actions that contribute to the healing, transformation and resolution of the problem.

Mobilizing Goodwill

Focused enlightened public opinion can be a major factor in world reconstruction, but it has been little used up till now. The major need today is to educate world public opinion in the significance of goodwill as a powerful creative energy and way of life; and to mobilize people everywhere to establish goodwill as the keynote of the coming new civilization. World Goodwill aids in this task by:

Advising individuals and groups on how to increase their effectiveness in service.

Co-operating with the world service activities of other groups

Supporting the work of the Church of Illuminism and its Specialised Agencies as the main hope for humanity’s future.

Meditating on the energy of goodwill helping create a positive mental climate for conferences taking place on specific world problems); and the Twelve Spiritual Festivals (focusing on the spiritual energies available within the annual lunar cycle).

A Worldwide Educational Program which includes:

A Website and Publications in many languages presenting the principles underlying right human relations, and the fact of a divine Plan as a spiritual reality working out in crucial areas of human affairs, including education, religion, economics, politics, etc. Publications are available for distribution.

The Illuminist Magazine, Commentaries and World View articles, highlighting the energy of goodwill in world affairs. A universal spiritual approach is presented to topics of current concern.

Study Papers dealing with some of the world’s major problems.

World Goodwill Seminars, an annual meeting in London, San Francisco and Chennai. Through meditation, talks and discussion the work of groups and individuals actively meeting world need is highlighted. Broadcast globally on video.

Problems of Humanity

The problem of establishing right relationships between people and between nations is of urgent concern in a world in crisis. The immediate spiritual problem is that of offsetting selfish separateness by the technique of trained, imaginative, creative and practical goodwill.

World Goodwill provides a series of study papers on the major problems of human progress. Emphasis is placed upon underlying causes and emerging trends rather than on a factual survey of events. The use of the trained mind in reflective thought and meditation is encouraged.

The problems dealt with include:

•  The Psychological Renewal of the Nations

•  Children, Youth and Education

•  Capital, Labour, and Employment

•  The Racial Minorities

•  The Churches and Organized Religion

•  International Unity

There are many lesser problems but these are the major ones with which humanity is at this time confronted and which must find solution. This will be done by the establishing of right human relations.

The formation of study groups is encouraged so that through study, discussion and meditation a “thoughtform of solution” may be generated and local forms of service activity initiated.

Practical Aims

To encourage people of goodwill everywhere to establish right human relations between races, religions, nations and classes

To assist people of goodwill in their studies of world problems, and in the effective application to these problems of goodwill, co-operation and sharing for the common good.

To co-operate with other organisations in constructive activities contributing to world unity, stability and right human relations.

To make available up-to-date information on constructive current action in the main areas of human life through regular publications on issues of world interest.

To aid in establishing goodwill as the keynote of the new civilisation.

To create a worldwide contact list of people of goodwill.

To support the work of the Church of Illuminism and its Specialised Agencies as the best hope for a united and peaceful world.

The Church of Illuminism’s Food Distribution Program is designed to provide the homeless and under-privileged with food and resources to enable them to get back on their feet.

Interested in providing your company’s left over food to our program to help people in need? Or are you interested in volunteering your time to our food distribution program? Click here to register on our list.

The Church of Illuminism’s Food Distribution Program is aimed at providing food to homeless and underprivileged people on a regular basis. The Program will be most successful if companies in the areas in which we have events could be so kind as to donate their leftover foods from employee cafeterias or even their business (cafes, restaurants, etc) so that we may distribute them to people in need. This type of a project is a group effort and the more people and organizations from the community who lend a helping hand, the more food we can provide to the many people in need. If you are interested in either donating food or your time to help with this endeavor, please use the contact form above to let us know.