Why do we need the Religion of Illuminism

February 16, 2020 Latest Lecture Religion of Illuminism


As we walk further into the New Age, mankind is being presented, albeit unknowingly, with a very important choice to make. It is a choice whose consequence dictates the fate of humanity, at least for the current population. This choice is of utmost importance and must be made soon. Some of you might be wondering what this choice is, while others will know. For those of you that are unaware of this, I will explain it here and for those of you who do know, maybe this lecture will shed some light on some areas of this topic that have until now been in darkness.


Humanity is now faced with the choice of whether to evolve their consciousness or not. This applies on an individual level and thus, a group level as well. This evolution is one option and devolution is the other. Making the wrong choice to devolve can happen if humanity decides to not see the truth. If they continue on their current path, devolution will accelerate. Note: I didn’t state that devolution will begin, as it has already started from the arrival of the first man on the Earth. So, the choice is really to evolve and move towards our next step, or to accelerate devolution. The acceleration of devolution will increase the rate of the downfall of society. So much so that we will enter a complete “Age of Darkness”. If we make the correct choice, then we will be faced with a crisis point before the actual change takes place. A crisis point is simply an event or time period of a series of events that push the consciousness to move forward. This crisis point will undoubtedly show itself and if the population is able to push through that time, they will make the first steps towards their next evolutionary step.


Why Do We Need Religion of Illuminism?

Humanity needs religion. They need structure. But they also need to be told the facts. No critical decision can be made about anything unless all the facts are given to the decider. It’s not fair. Mankind has been living under these circumstances. They have been not given the facts and yet put in a position to make a decision. Illuminism is here to give man the facts, so that he can make an informed decision. Illuminism is necessary. It is a religion but at the same time not a religion. At least, not in the traditional sense. Illuminists worship no one. No idols, no images, nothing. Illuminists want to KNOW things. They are not interested in believing anything. For belief is not real, it is simply a higher octave of imagination. People have REAL problems, they face REAL challenges. They need REAL FACTS. Illuminism is here to bring REAL FACTS to mankind as to how things work and how they themselves are responsible for creating their reality. Illuminism is about evolution, both on a personal and collective level. It is concerned with the consciousness and is involved with evolving the consciousness. With an evolved consciousness, mankind will live a new reality. A better reality.


Illuminism brings you a new reality.


We welcome you to the church and we welcome you to take the first steps to a new reality. Welcome to the Age of Illuminism.


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