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Free Courses

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The Basics of Meditation

The state of meditation is the natural state of the consciousness, unconditioned, unfiltered, serene, perceiving, and understanding. In the state of meditation, by reflecting on a problem or question, we can find answers, insight, wisdom, guidance. In the state of meditation, we can perceive what is hidden from the physical senses. In the state of meditation, there is no debate, dogma, belief, or theory: there is only the experience of what is real.

The Consciousness

Our common interpretation or definition of consciousness has to be revised. Because we do not have a proper understanding of what consciousness really is, we suffer. What we commonly think of as consciousness is what Gnosis calls the “vigil state.” When we are in the vigil state or are active physically, we mistakenly believe that activity defines the activity of our consciousness, and we believe we are conscious when we are doing things, when we are physically active, when we are living our lives from day to day.