Ecclesia Gnostica


The Order of Ancient Illuminists’ Ecclesia Gnostica is the branch of the OAI which teaches the sacred magick of ancient Egypt. Ecclesia Gnostica is part of the main OAI hierarchical degree structure and is now available for practitioners and aspirants to study side by side with their regular OAI degree work. The Ecclesia Gnostica has the following degrees which are available to students after the probationary 0 Aspera Lapis. Once 0 Aspera Lapis is completed, the initiate may choose to follow the path of the OAI or the OAI Ecclesia Gnostica. Alternatively, you may decide to pursue both paths simultaneously.


The Degrees in the OAI EG are as follows:


0° Neophyte

1° Zelator

2° Theoricus

3° Practicus

4° Philosophus

5° Adeptus Minor

6° Adeptus Major

7° Adeptus Exemptus

8° Magister Templi

9° Magus

10° Ipsissimus


To begin the path of the OAI Ecclesia Gnostica, please view the course information here.

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