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Occult Philosophy

As affirmed more than once already, Occult Philosophy in various countries and through different periods has remained substantially the same. At different times and places

The Basics of Concentration

Concentration is described under the heading of “consciousness” in the phrase “develops consciousness and understanding”. It should be developed by one who has taken his

A Ritual of Wiccan Initiation

Wiccan groups still practicing ritual secrecy hold the initiation ceremony for the new practitioners. Sometimes this is not one rite but several ceremonies, since many

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The Goal of Illuminism is Apotheosis.
The Method of Apotheosis is Noetics.

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    Learn how to expand your consciousness using internal alchemy and meditation that anyone can do.

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    Learn real meditation as taught in ancient times that brings about real changes.

  • Spiritual Evolution

    Learn the tried and true methods of ascending the ladder of evolution.

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Noetics changed my life! It taught me how to look at every situation in my life and use it to benefit me.


Cape Cod, Mass.

Every course offered is amazing. They teach you how to become the best version of yourself.


London, UK

Noetics is better than any life coach or self-help book I have ever read. Thank you Church of Illuminism.


New York, NY

My life has become exponentially more successful after taking the Noetics course. This is some great stuff!


Sydney, Australia

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