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Ep 2: The Superior Worlds

We will talk about the distinct worlds or regions of the universe. Asian theosophy, as well as the various pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult schools, speak about

Ep 1: Man Know Thyself

We are going to talk a bit about spiritual restlessness. The first thing we need is a deep creative comprehension, for this is fundamental to

The Nine Unknown

There is a pervasive legend in India of a secret organization that allegedly has a vast amount of advanced knowledge in their possession. Believed to have been

Thaumiel | Spheres of the Qliphoth

The goal of the Left Hand Path, according to the Qliphotic-Alchemical path, is to reach the outermost dark sphere, Thaumiel. The Thaumiel Qlipha signifies ‘the

The Goal of Illuminism is Apotheosis.
The Method of Apotheosis is Noetics.

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  • Tools for Real Life

    Get the tools you need to reach your highest potential and achieve your goals.

  • Self-Development

    Learn how to develop your personal power and strength.

  • Be Successful

    Learn how to be successful in life through your thinking.

  • Learn Real Meditation

    Meditation is not at all what most people think. We teach meditation from the ancient schools.

  • What is the Soul?

    Learn about the soul. What exactly is the soul.

  • Knowledge is Power

    Only real knowledge can bring power. Knowledge about yourself and how to evolve.

Noetice is the highest level of being

Noetics is the level of pure vision. It is the highest state of consciousness.

Student Testimonials

See what some of our students have to say about Noetics.

Noetics changed my life! It taught me how to look at every situation in my life and use it to benefit me.


Cape Cod, Mass.

Every course offered is amazing. They teach you how to become the best version of yourself.


London, UK

Noetics is better than any life coach or self-help book I have ever read. Thank you Church of Illuminism.


New York, NY

My life has become exponentially more successful after taking the Noetics course. This is some great stuff!


Sydney, Australia

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People have changed their life with Noetics

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Learn the science of Noetics to master yourself and become the highest version of you. Noetics is a revolutionary and groundbreaking science teaching man how to reach the highest state of being, known as Apotheosis.

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